Recover Mailbox from Recovery Storage Group Exchange 2007

Posted by Angelbrown Leka, On March 5, 2014 | Download Complete PDF

Using Exchange Management Shell & Exchange Management Console

Here, in this article we will discuss the procedure of how users can recover mailbox from RSG (Recovery Storage Group) by following precise steps provided with EMC & EMS.

Introduction to Recovery Storage Group, Exchange Management Shell & Exchange Management Console Commands:

What is Recovery Storage Group ?

RSG is first introduced in Exchange 2003, where a user can restore storage group from any version of Exchange to existing Exchange server. Once a store gets connected with a RSG, users can mount that store anytime and can access the database of storage group from any server in order to perform data recovery in case of corruption or other reasons.

What is Exchange Management Shell?

Exchange Management shell came in light with Exchange 2007 version; it gave an easier command line interface to 2007 server. Using this shell, users can manage every working procedure of Exchange; can even create new emails accounts, send/receive connectors, organize properties of database, maintain distribution groups etc.

What is Exchange Management Console?

EMC, Exchange Management Console is basically an advanced command line introduced back in Exchange 2007 version due to which manageability of administrative tasks became easier. With the help of EMC, administrator can easily keep an eye over the different organizational areas like working of server and other tasks.

Restore Exchange 2007 Recovery Storage Group with Exchange Management Shell (EMS)

In order to recover mailbox of Exchange 2007 in RSG using Exchange Management Shell, following steps needs to be followed:

Recover Mailbox Exchange 2007 Recovery Storage Group with Exchange Management Console (EMC)

In the below discussion, we will explain the procedure of how users can recover mailbox 2007 database in Recovery Storage Group by utilizing EMC command.

Provide a name for Recovery Storage Group

After Restoring Exchange Mailbox in RSG Via Powershell Commands is Completed, What to do Next?

After successfully restoring mailbox database in RSG, perform either of the two steps to access the database:

The command, Restore-Mailbox works with disconnected mailbox from Recovery Storage Group as a data source and working/connected mailboxes works as target for data.

However, Restore-Mailbox cmdlet can't be run without having the following permissions:

To run the command, syntax is given below:

What to Opt when EMC & EMS Both Fails to Bring In Productive Results?

In case if both Exchange Management Shell & Exchange Management Console Commands fails to restore database and Storage Group turns inaccessible, then in this circumstance you can employ an efficient third party Database Recovery tool which is a capable utility to recover Exchange database without any modifications.