How to Move Exchange Mailbox to Another Database Server from Copy of EDB and STM

Posted by Angelbrown Leka, On April 3, 2014 | Download Complete PDF

Readers are introduced with the method to mount copy of database from one Server to another using Recovery Storage Group concept. Also, suggestion for how to move Exchange mailbox to another database Server is shared in case RSG does not work out successfully.

In Exchange Server 2003, it is possible to mount a copy of mailbox database to another Server database within same administrative group. This can be made possible using the Recovery Storage Group (RSG) concept. With this unique feature, database from a Server can be moved from its copy to another mailbox store without downtime. Here is a step by step guidance for how to move Exchange mailbox to another database with the help of RSG and Dial-Tone Store:

Note: In case the database is mounted on Server, dismounted it using Exchange System Manager

Step1) Create Dial Tone Database

After a while, a message will be prompted on screen that says an empty database will be created on Server as some DB files are missing (this is because we renamed the original DB). Click YES.

Step2) Create Recovery Storage Group

Step3) Recover RSG to Another Server Database

Create a temporary folder and move Mailbox Store (name of server).edb/.stm files to this folder.

When Nothing Works Out, Need of Third Party Application Urges

Once this is done, the dial-tone database can be merge to the database on new Server too. An alternative to the process mentioned above is third party software. For how to move Exchange mailbox to another database Server, application named Exchange Recovery software can be adopted that will help to migrate mailboxes from copy of EDB or STM files to another Server in few click.