How it Works

STEP 1: Launch the Tool

STEP 2: Select Open button

STEP 3. Browse EDB File

STEP 4: Recover pub.edb or priv.edb

STEP 5: Completion of Scanning process

  • When the scanning process is complete, software will display a message informing about the same.

STEP 6: Preview of EDB File

  • The tool will give a preview of mailboxes, their folders, and the emails saved in it. Detailed view of emails will be available in right panel of the tool. Select the messages or folders for export and click on "MSG" button at the top.

STEP 7: Browse the destination path

  • Software will ask for a destination location where resultant with MSG files for EDB emails will be saved.

STEP 8: Live Status Report

  • Progress report of migration process will be displayed on screen:

STEP 9: Check out the saved location

  • When export process is finished, software will display message about it along with details of destination where output is saved.

STEP 10: Click OK to finish

  • Close the window to exit the software instance. Confirm that you wish to leave by clicking on Yes button when asked about it.