How it Works

To get precise output of conversion process with the tool, it is important that you are familiar with its step by step functioning. This segment aims to provide guidelines to work with the tool so that optimal output is received at users end.

Look into the requirements to install the solution in system, download, and run it in machine and follow the steps mentioned below:

STEP 1: Launch the Tool

STEP 2: Browse EDB File

STEP 3. Recover EDB File

STEP 4: Scan is completed

STEP 5: Click on Save as PDF

  • On the Preview Pane of the software, there is provision to perform following tasks:
    • Have a detailed view of mailboxes and folders in it. Click on the mail folders in the left panel and its detailed description will be available in right-pane of tool.
    • From the left-pane, check/uncheck folders that you wish to include/exclude from conversion process.
    • In the menu bar, click on "Save as PDF" button to start the export process.

STEP 6: Browse destination path

  • Select a destination folder where the conversion output has to be saved.

STEP 7: Check out the location

  • The software will give details about the export process: Pending data for conversion, data in process, and data that has been converted.

STEP 8: Live Status Report

  • When the conversion process is finished, the tool will inform about it via a message that states the process is complete and where is the conversion output saved.

STEP 9: Click Yes to Finish

  • To exit the running instance of the tool, close the window. A confirmation message will pop up on screen. Click Yes to exit running instance of tool.