How it Works

STEP 1: Launch Exchange Import

STEP 2: Select Add File

If 'Add Files' is selected:

STEP 3. Click Open to View PST File

STEP 4: Display PST Files

STEP 5: Select Import button

  • Once over with entering name, select 'Import' button to import PST files to Exchange mailbox.

STEP 6: Check Status Report

  • Next screen that comes up shows the current status of the number of items imported till then and below it shows another tab named final report.

STEP 7: Click OK to Finish

  • On successful import of PST files the final report is generated with a message whose line of words is: "MS Outlook PST file(s) imported into Exchange server successfully".

If 'Search Network' choice is opted:

STEP 8: Select Network Tab

  • If users select "Search Network" option

STEP 9: Provide Credentials

  • The wizard shows name of machines that are under the same Exchange domain. The screen has tabs such as Domain Credentials and Search Attributes that has search drive option.

STEP 10: Preview of all PST Files

  • Select the wanted system(s); enter user name and password, then search the drive after which the details of PST files will get listed.

STEP 11: Select PST File

  • Among the list choose the file to be imported. However it should be noted that for local machine there is no need to provide password but for other connected systems both info such as username and password needs to be entered. Then click 'Next.'

STEP 12: Click on Done

  • The interface now shows 'Access Status' and has a tab called 'Done' at the bottom right hand corner. Click on 'Done'.

STEP 13: Click on Import

  • Then proceed with the same steps (i.e. step 5-7 of the above section) followed that were used when the option 'Add file(s)' was selected.